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There are many reasons why we need to have an online storage space. Most people are always on the go nowadays and important data need to be kept where you can always access it even if you’re outside. Some trust their external hard drives but there is always a chance that you might leave it behind. Online back ups are essential and must not be taken lightly. There are several websites that offer cloud storage and is one of them. This article will show you why you should consider choosing and avail of the premium account. offers fast, secure and reliable data storage that you can access wherever you are. What you need to do is to register and set up your account to use the service and upload your data by a few clicks. Through, you can access your storage wherever you are as long as you have internet connection. You are also allowed to sync all of your gadgets via for security purposes. This means that if someone else tried to access your account, they will not be allowed unless approved by you. This is an essential feature because some people have data that are private or even confidential. offers free data storage for people to try the service out first. However, If you are a heavy user and you need maximum security for your data, it is recommended that you upgrade to incclouddrive premium account. The premium account gives you faster downlads that can reach up to 100 mb per second and gives you unconstrained simultaneous downloads through servers. Through premium, you are also able to resume your download and enjoy an ad free website. The main difference between a free account and a premium account is that you do not have to enter captcha codes once you decide to upgrade. Imagine downloading your files in just a few minutes and being able to move them into different storages in seconds—this is what can do for you.

As a free user, you can only go up to as fast as 50 mb per second with your download. You may also encounter problems like errors when trying to download due to the massive amount of users. If this occurs, you need to wait for your turn because the servers are busy catering to other free users. This will all go away if you decide to upgrade to premium account. Your download will always be prioritized by our servers and your download ratet will double. If you want to try the service, you can sign up for a free account today and know the benefits of having an online storage account. If you find the service adequate or even exceeding your expectations, then you can go ahead and upgrade to our premium account. assures you that you will not regret having upgraded because of the premium service that you will be getting. Try it out today!

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