Bring us business !
Receive up to 50%* commission on each transaction of your prospects, and up to 40%* on future valid rebills**.
How to do ? we put a cookie of 1 year on the prospect browser.
As soon as your prospect is registered, he became affiliate to you.

You can request for a withdrawal, once per month, by Bitcoins or Bank Transfer, from 50 €.
You must fill your informations correctly on your panel, and accept self-invoicing on each payment request.
Warning : * The amounts are net of taxes (VAT) and settlement fees.
Fees of the payment methods will be deducted from the amount.
20% are paid on purchages via a reseller or from vouchers.
Already subscribed users (Premium/Access) are not valid.

** Valid Rebills on which you receive 40% (or 20%) correspond to transactions made up 7 days after the the original purchase (Vouchers, CDN credits) or after the expiration of the subscription (Access, Premium offers).