What’s 1fichier.com ?

1fichier.com provides secure online data hosting services on a Cloud infrastucture.
1fichier.com can also be used as a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to distribute your content to your users and customers.
We allows you to store an unlimited number of files up to 300 GB each !
Warning !
Files hosted on 1fichier.com can be deleted after 15 days without downloads for unregistered users and after 30 days without downloads for registered users.

Files belongs to Premium users are not removed within the subscription period according the offer specifications.

About Us

The online storage service 1fichier.com is proposed by the DStorage company.
DStorage, independant Internet operator, propose services in information technology.
We propose dedicated hosting services, IT solutions, Internet Transit, …
Request us for all your computing needs… !

Pricing Policy

From the begining we choose to be independant, to have our own network, servers and software.
That’s why we was able to be the first to propose prices of 3 € per month. Similar services was arround 10 € per month.
The economic model is called Freemium.
Means that you can try all the services for Free.
If you appreciate our services, and want to contribute, you can subscribe to an offer.
Pay Services offers you a better quality and/or a secure and reliable long term storage on cloud.

Where are hosted your files ?

Your data are hosted in high security datacenters located in Netherlands and in France.

Why not sending files by email ?

It is better to use a service like 1fichier.com to send large files to its correspondents for the following reasons:
Email size limitations (5 to 50MB) and anti-spam mecanisms of your recipients will often result in the rejection and destruction of your message
When you send an email to multiple recipients, the message is encoded (size grow about 37%) and then copied as many times as you have destinaraires, and can put even more time out of home (approximately 1 minute / MB for a standard ADSL line). Through 1fichier.com, you send your file only one time.

Can we use 1fichier.com for backups ?

Of course ! We propose professional online storage services.
All your datas are stored on RAID systems from RAID1 to RAID6 with multiple spares.

Hosting files on xDSL ?

You can host your files on your xDSL line, on a web or FTP server and maybe on a small NAS.
That said, you will be subject to the following constraints:
XDSL lines have low emission capacity, of the order of 1 to 10Mbps or 125KB/s to 1MB/s: your line will be quickly saturated
You must keep your server online 24/7 (noise, power consumption)
Managing the security of your computer equipment and your personal data
For all these reasons, entrust your storage! We are specialized in hosting.

What limits ?

All features of the service and offers are detailed on the Prices page.
To send a large file, we recommend that you always use FTP, which allows you to resume in case of failure.
Warning !
Some software (32bit) can not transmit or downloading files larger than 2GB or 4GB.
For example, Internet Explorer 6, can not downloading files larger than 1GB.

Cold Storage

All data storage is based on physical infrastructures, which uses a secure and air-conditioned physical space, uses energy and has a significant cost.
In order to always offer you the best services at the best prices, we have to distinguish between data used (Hot Storage) and unused (Cold Storage).
Our Free and Access offers include up to 1TB of temporary storage.
The Premium offer includes by default an unlimited space of Hot Storage and 2TB of Cold Storage.
Extensions to get more Cold Storage are available on your management interface at unbeatable rates.
Storage (hot/cold) statistics are updated daily.

How to register on 1fichier.com ?

Just click on the link Register on the top right of the pages
The accounts allow you to manage your files, test and use of more features.
Why register ?
An account allow you :
Manage your files easily
Greater retention time
Centralize download and removal links of your files
Send your files by FTP
Import files from HTTP/FTP Internet links (Remote Upload)
Advanced features
Faster downloads
Register is free.

Password Lost

To reset your password, you must use the link Password Lost ? on the login and registration pages.
We recommend the use of a complex password of at least 12 alphanumeric characters, including uppercase, lowercase and special characters.
Warning !
This is the only way to retreive access to your account.
Support will never provide any password.
Make sure that your antispam rules do not filter us and that our mails are not in your trash or unwanted folder / spam.
You may also be able to whitelist our emails.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

These are additional identification methods to improve the security of access to your account.
Some account settings can only be changed after enabling two-factor authentication.
We offer 2 methods to choose from:
One-time code sent by email
Google Authenticator
Codes sent by email are only valid for the page that generated it.
Any other request will invalidate the code sent.
On Google Authenticator, only the line corresponding to your 1fichier.com account that you obtained by scanning the QR code is valid to generate codes.
Each QR code is unique (private key)
The Google Authenticator system is based on the equipment clock.
Make sure you are on time.
For more informations Wikipedia

Password Change

To change your login password, go to the management panel, under the “Parameters” tab.
Password change is immediately effective.

Service features

We offer you a service with many exclusive features.
The use of certain features is exclusively reserved for advanced users.
A inappropiate use can lock your account and make your service unusable.

Why my account and/or IP address are locked ?

For obvious security reasons, we limit the attempts of hacking and fraudulent access to accounts and/or data.
This is why any request that produces an access rights error (eg. invalid email/password or session ID, …) or an attempt to access non-existent or private resources (eg. invalid, password protected, private download link, or invalid token ID, …) can and will systematically block access (4xx errors).
In most cases, access will be automatically restored within 1 hour (after the last error).
This errors can be due to third party softwares or plugins (eg. upload/download managers) that do not care about service rules (“help” or “API” pages) as well as errors returned by our servers (4xx).
These rules are defined by standards that must be respected.

Why become Premium ?

Services are offered for Free to test them before subscribing.
The Premium Offer allow you to :
Secured access by SSL encryption
No advertisements
No captcha
No waiting time
Unlimited downloads
Unlimited speed
Concurrent downloads
Inline feature
Access to Premium networks
Folders shares
Security features
Access statistics
Remote Upload
Upload by FTP
IP or host authentication
Download managers
Resume downloads
Unlimited hot storage
Cold storage up to 100TB*
Up to 300GB per file
100GB of CDN credits per month

Access offer allow you to :
Secured access by SSL encryption
Unlimited shares
No advertisements
No captcha
No waiting time
1TB of temporary storage
Temporary storage
Up to 300GB per file
Unlimited downloads
Unlimited speed
Concurrent downloads
Inline feature
Folders shares
Security features
Access statistics
Remote Upload
Upload by FTP
IP or host authentication
Download managers
Resume downloads
Premium and Access offers are only for personal and private usages.
Professional usages must use CDN credits.
* With extensions proposed on the management panel.

Can we test services before subscribing ?

Of ourse, services are provided for free so you can test everything and become familiar with our features before subscribing.

You can use them for your own downloads by checking the option of the management panel.

How to become a Premium user on 1fichier.com ?

You can subscribe on :
Your management panel, on the “Pay Services” tab
On the “Prices” page
From a Reseller
Your account will immediately be upgraded after the payment.
Best quality/prices !
Your credentials do not change after a subscription!

Payment methods

Many systems refusent hosting services like 1fichier.com
We propose you all the payment methods that we can.
We also need to explain that main payment solutions have fees under 2%.
Some others goes up to 80% of fees !
That means, on some solutions, if you pay 1 € only 20 cents comes to us, and, on them we have fees and taxes (VAT, IS, …).
That’s why, we will adapt prices on the payment method.
Paypal refuse hosting services like 1fichier.com
We recommand to use in priority SEPA bank transfer.
According to your country, services like TransferWise can help you to reduce transfer fees.

Payment and activation of paid services

Some payment methods are not instant.
Your payment will only be validated upon receipt of your payment.
Where possible, we indicate average processing times when we know them.
Some methods of payment may require several working days (Saturday, Sunday or Monday and holidays excluded) to be processed.
We always send an email when the service is activated.

SEPA payment

In order for us to be able to link your payment to your account, it is imperative to note the unique transfer reference provided by the website in the field labeled / reason for your transfer order.
Each reference provided by the site is unique. It is valid only once.
Warning !
The full transfer fee must be at your expense.
Depending on your country, services like TransferWise can help you reduce these costs
In case of doubt, so that we can identify your transfer, you can write to us, after waiting at least 2 working days, specifying the date of the transfer made, the amount, and your name and surname as they appear on your bank.

Download Speed

Download Speed can be limited for free users.
Your download speed depends on your connection to the Internet, your computer equipment, as well as the capabilities that are really allocated to you by your access provider.
Also for economic reasons, some access providers are constraining their customers, either to offer their customers more expensive offers, or to force hosting services to subscribe to private interconnections well above market prices. We remind you that we are neither “Internet” nor your operator. We do not guarantee and can not absolutely guarantee any download speed. You are free to consult our network statistics in real time on the “Network” page of our site. Our infrastructures are very oversized.
Your download speed also depends on the use of your Internet connection (shared between uses – downloads, phone, TV, …)
It can be first of all a temporary dysfunction on the way (optical fiber breakage, bad weather, …)
Reminder : 8 Mbps (8 mega bits per second) = 1MB/s (1 mega byte per second)
In case of malfunction please follow our guide :
What are the technical characteristics of your Internet connection ?
Have you relaunched your box?
Some boxes are bugged and end up limiting traffic after a while
Your TV box is down ?
This one reserves the bandwidth of your connection and / or consumes it according to the chain watched.
Are you connected by wire cable or wireless ?
Wireless connections can sometimes slow down your traffic.
Have you tried to enable the option on the “Settings” tab of your management interface named “force my downloads without SSL” ?
For maximum security, we provide encrypted service with the best current technologies.
SSL encryption of data is in real time and can greatly slow down your traffic, and sometimes create incompatibilities with some third-party software.
Have you tried using a download manager like IDM ?
These tools optimize your downloads.
Warning !
We do not edit/propose any software and/or plugin for a download manager.
For any question about a download manager, you must ask their editor.
Opening too many connections to our servers can cause a ban of your IP address.
Too much parallelize your requests can degrade your performances.
We consider that 10 simultaneous connections are enough to maximize your download speed.
The download menu is not compatible with download managers
In order to be certain that the problem does not come from our servers or from the chosen Offer (Premium or Access),
Have you tested your speed on our “Network/Speedtest” page ?
Use automated testing, with and without SSL, as well as IPv4 and IPv6 if you have this choice. Take screenshots of the results.
(Which will give you between 2 and 4 screenshots that you can send us for analysis)
Some internet access does not have IPv6, some have both.
When you have IPv4, you often have NAT (1 public IP address shared to all equipements behind your box/router via a local private network)
When you use IPv6, you often have an IPv6 range (many public IPv6 addresses) each equipement have a public IPv6 address
According your internet access provider infrastructures, IPv4 can be faster than IPv6, or conversely, you will have to test…
Also note that the distance between you and our servers can impact performances.

Download Fails

To download on 1fichier.com, your browser must accept Javascript and Cookies.
Some softwares (32bits) can not manage files more than 2 or 4GB.
e.g. Internet Explorer 6, can not download files more than 1GB.
Some plugins or browser can download files in backgound.
For best usages, we recommend to disable these features.

Download Fails (MS Office)

Some releases of MS Office may have a bug on the URL management.
A bugfix is available :

Resume Downloads

We support resume downloads.
You will need a software like a download manager that is able to resume.
We recommend JDownloader2 or IDM (http://www.internetdownloadmanager.com/register/new_faq/sites6.html).
Warning !
We do not edit/propose any software and/or plugin for a download manager.
For any question about a download manager, you must ask their editor.
Opening too many connections to our servers can cause a ban of your IP address.
Too much parallelize your requests can degrade your performances.
We consider that 10 simultaneous connections are enough to maximize your download speed.
The download menu is not compatible with download managers

Premium Download

After login, a Premium member can download unlimited number of files, without limitations.
!!! You MUST login to be recognized as Premium !!!
You can also direct download using “basic authentication” :
https://email:[email protected]/?file_ID
Tip: add
to the URL. The server will ask for an authentication.
‘@’ of the email address is invalid with this protocol and you must use ‘%’ instead.
Wget example :
wget ‘download link’ –no-check-certificate –http-user=’email’ –http-password=’password’ –auth-no-challenge –content-disposition
Tip: You not have to use authentication options (–http-user –http-password –auth-no-challenge) if you use our IP/host authentication feature.

Can’t download after login (Customers)

Due to browser security limitations, by default, you will not be logged in on our other hosting domains.
We propose following solutions :
Try to login and to deploy authentication on our other domains (advanced options on the login page)
Use “basic authentication” as explained before
Use a compatible download manager like IDM or JDownloader2
Warning !
We do not edit/propose any software and/or plugin for a download manager.
For any question about a download manager, you must ask their editor.
Opening too many connections to our servers can cause a ban of your IP address.
Too much parallelize your requests can degrade your performances.
We consider that 10 simultaneous connections are enough to maximize your download speed.
The download menu is not compatible with download managers

File Protection

Download links are private unless you publish them.
i.e. they are unique and complex enough to not be accidentally discovered.
To add more security, you can protect the files by a password when you send them via the web interface.
More, on the management panel, you can :
Choose, change or remove a file password
Apply Access Control Lists (ACL) on your files (IP protection, 1fichier.com user, or by country)
Move the file to the “incoming” folder (private”)

Service Security

To maximize your privacy, our service is privided fully secure and encrypted (SSL).
However, we leave the choice to the users who wish it (option on the panel) as application developpers (force non-SSL access on the generated download link) to access files without SSL.
It will less secure, but allow better compatibility and will use less ressources (best speed).
Virus, Malwares, …
To maximize the security of our infrastructure and our users, the files hosted on our servers are regularly tested by a professional antivirus.
Malwares are automatically destroyed.

Remove Files

At the end of the upload, a removal link is provided with the download link.
You can also be notified by mail of the download/removal links.
If you are using your 1fichier.com, to improve security, you can only remove your files from the panel.

Download Links

To maximize your privacy, download links have been changed.
The uploaded files are accessible through a URL of the form:

Hosting domains ?

Files are accessible via a URL like :

To give more choice to our users, we propose all domains that we own.

Beta : Send a folder

With this new feature (depends on your browser), you will be able to send a folder including all sub-folders.
Warning !
There is limitations :
up to 500 files at a time,
up to 30 different paths,
up to 500GB of data by upload,
up to 4h by upload,

Can we resume a web HTTP upload ?

For technical reasons, it is not possible to resume a upload made from the website.
That’s why we recommand you to use FTP, where resume is possible.

Upload files by FTP

You can send your files using FTP (File Transfert Protocol).
This protocol is made for file transfers.
To send files on 1fichier.com, you must have an FTP client.
One of the best is FileZilla. It’s free on https://filezilla-project.org/
Once installed, the connextion parameters are :
Host (hostname): ftp.1fichier.com
Username (login): your email address
Password: your password
Connection port: standard (21)
If you are on Windows ©, take care to be in “binary” mode.
If you are behind a NAT router, you must use the “passive” mode.
Some FTP clients does not support the ‘@’ in login, you can use ‘%’ instead of the ‘@’ on the username (email).
The FTP server of 1fichier.com, allows only to upload files.
You will not be able to download files and/or manage folders.
Depends on your account configuration, files will be available on your account after 5mn, or after a request made on your panel
Our service do not support files segmentation during the upload process.
By default the service is not secure (transfers are not encrypted).
You can enable transfer encryption by enabling the FTPeS option on your FTP client.

Share folder

On your panel, you can share a folder (icon on the toolbar).
You will have a link like https://1fichier.com/dir/abcdef.
Of course, you can protect this link with a password
On the same panel, you can also share a folder and subfolders with another registerd users

Export links in CSV

On your panel, you can export files informations in CSV To do so, select one or more files, and click on the “Export links” icon on the toolbar
You will have a CSV file with
Download link
File name
File size (in bytes)

CDN Credits / Hotlinks

Using CDN Credits, you can use 1fichier.com as a professional CDN (Content Delivery Network).
Files that you choose will be available for direct download, without any limitation.
Prices are from 10€ for 1 000 GB to 200€ for 40TB.
More, each Premium member (>1day) will have 100 GB free credits per month.

Using CDN credits

Your available CDN credits is show on the management panel. On the “Parameters” and “Pay Services” tab
You can use your credits for :
Provide direct download, without limitations to your files.
Select the file and click on the “Prepaid Download” icon.
A green flag will be added to the file name.
Following, all access to this file will be without limitations.
The amount of data sent will be removed from your credits.
Be invoiced on the amount of data your download and not on a time based period (Premium/Access offers), or using our services as a Professional.
To activate this option, you must go to the “Parameters” tab of your management panel.
A more advanced use (restrictions, control of use) of your CDN credits can be realized through our API.

IP/Host Authentication

To meet all needs, we offer our Premium and Access members this unique feature.
Using this feature, you will have access priority linked to your IP address or via a hostname.
Easy setup on the “Parameters” tab of the panel, after subscription.
No need authentication
Best use between familly members or colleagues on the same Internet access (groupware)
Especially suitable for connections with fixed IP address
It will be more easy for the familly, at home, for all your connected objects (TV, smartphones, …) or at work for groupware access
Warning !
Some Internet access includes the 2 main versions of the IP protocol (IPv4, IPv6).
Sometimes you will have simultaneously 1 IPv4 and one or more IPv6 addresses (a range).
As IPv4 addresses are rare, your IPv4 Internet will be in a private sub-network (under a NAT). This will allow you to use our feature for each equipements.
For IPv6, it’s the opposite. You will generaly have a range with many IPv6 addresses. Your box will assign them randomly to equipements. To use our IP authentication, you will have to force one IPv6 address to the equipement you want to use with our services (IP authentication).

Send file inline feature

By default, we force your browser to download the files (Disposition: attachement).

You can use this feature to send the flow “inline” like streaming (Disposition: inline).
It means that you will not have a dialog box from your browser to store the file.
We also send the correct MIME type.
If your browser can, it will show directly the content (image, sound, video, text documents, …).
This will also allow you to insert 1fichier.com links on your HTML pages, softwares (VLC, …) or equipements (connected TV, …) !
This feature should be used with a Premium account and/or Download Credits.
This feature depends on the file format and on your browser, softwares or equipements…
This is not “streaming”.
We do not perform any processing on the contents stored on our services (encoding, multiple qualities, subtitles management, HLS, …).
Click here for an example

Force Inline Option

To force the “Inline” option on files hosted on 1fichier.com, you just have to add the folowing parameter to your links :
Click here for an example

Files under 2MB

Due to malware propagation and abuses we limited this feature to image files
Files under 2MB can be direct downloaded, without Premium Status.
The “inline” option can be use.
Click here for an example

Checking 1fichier.com links

There are an API to check 1fichier.com links
Use POST request on https://1fichier.com/check_links.pl
Parameter: links[] with the link to check au format http[s]://abcdef.1fichier.com or https://1fichier.com/?abcdef
Will fails on bad or protected links
Warning !
For security reasons, any request that returns an error may temporarily block your access.
You must only access the data that you are authorized to use.

Premium Activation Keys / VOUCHERS

Premium Activation Keys or Vouchers can be buy from Resellers or from the management panel.
In order to activate the associated service, you must enter it on the “Pay Services” tab of the panel.
Download Managers
Our services are tested with the main browsers and complies with standards.

Warning !
We do not edit/propose any software and/or plugin for a download manager.
For any question about a download manager, you must ask their editor.
Opening too many connections to our servers can cause a ban of your IP address.
Too much parallelize your requests can degrade your performances.
We consider that 10 simultaneous connections are enough to maximize your download speed.
The download menu is not compatible with download managers

Search tips

We added some special keywords on the search box :
:cdn or :no_cdn : Show files tagged as prepaid download/CDN or not
:password or :no_password : Show files protected by a password or not
:inline or :no_inline : Show files tagged as inline download or not
:acl or :no_acl : Show files with an access restriction or not
:all : Show all your files

Developpers : Web Upload

You can send files without beeing registered. You will have a download and removal links.
To send files on 1fichier.com account, you can :
Use the login cookie session.
Warning ! by default, all new login purge old sessions.
Identify using basic auth (you must force it)
Identify using POST variables “user” and “pass”
Send files on the “incoming” folder of a registered user, fill the email on the “user” variable. (“pass” must be empty).
Your API Key

Developpers : notepad

In this section, our tips…
Link format is http[s]://domain/?file_id
Do not make sessions (cookie)
Better use HTTP Basic Authentication (even if the server do not ask for).
Try the parameter e=1 on your links, or on a shared public folder…
Try the parameter json=1 or json=2 on a shared public folder…