Is 1fichier safe

When you look for an online file sharing provider, it’s very important to look for one that would fully protect the files you upload into their system. For that reason, a lot of Internet users are wondering if 1fichier offers such, and if it’s really 100% safe. For starters, we can confidently say that with 1fichier, you’ll be able to upload, keep, share, and download your files without any issues at all. It’s a service that’s safe to use, and it’s known for being quick and effective as well.


How Does 1fichier Prioritizes Safety?

As you use 1fichier, you don’t have to worry about your data getting compromised. Rest assured that their service is safe and secure. Aside from that, 1fichier takes pride in using a secure connection, it prevents data breach, which means all your files are stored in a secured server.

How Long Will Your Files Be Kept in the Server

This would depend on the membership plan you’re enrolled in. For those who are using free accounts, then your files would be stored in 1fichier server for 30 days. On the other hand, with a premium account, your files would be kept for a longer time.

Can You Download Other User’s Files?

Just like what has been mentioned earlier, the files are kept securely. Which means, you can only download a file as long as you’re the one who has uploaded it, or the uploader allows you to download his file. You’ll be able to do so through a download link. Which only implies that the uploader’s consent or permission is really important. Which means you also won’t be able to access another person’s file if he doesn’t allow that.

Should You Really Upgrade to a Premium Account?

If you want to know more about this, we highly suggest that you visit the 1fichier Premium FAQ page to know the features and benefits you can enjoy. Your limitations would be lifted, and you’ll be able to enjoy a maximum speed on both download and upload. Once payment has been made, your restrictions would be removed and you’ll be able to enjoy a 1fichier Premium account.

What Will Happen If You Get Disconnected?

With other file hosting services, getting disconnected can be a nightmare as you have to start to zero. This is what makes 1fichier account preferable. With a premium service, you wouldn’t have to worry about this. In such a case you get disconnected, you can resume your download once you get connected again. On the other hand, in case you want to enjoy faster downloads, then a download manager would do the trick.

Payment Options You Can Use with 1fichier

You don’t have to worry about your credit card information getting stolen as you pay for your 1fichier account. They offer various payment options, such as VISA, MasterCard, and even Bitcoin. Which means you can use one you’re most comfortable with.

Can Take File Handle Huge Files?

The good thing about 1fichier is that it could hold up to 10 GB, and with a premium subscription account, you can even upload files bigger than that, and enjoy optimum upload and download speed.

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