The following describes the Conditions under
which DStorage SASU / 1fichier.com (referred
to as “DStorage”, “1fichier.com”, “Us”)
provides services (“Service”) to you
(“Customer”, “User”, “You”).
By registering for and using our services or
accessing or using any of our websites, you
declare accept unreservedly these.
We reserve the right to deny access to our
services to anyone who may compromise
their integrity.

1. Definitions

Cold Storage: any content having no access
for more than 60 clear days.
Hot Storage: Any content that does not fall
within the definition of Cold Storage.
CDN: Content Delivery Network. Billing is
done to the volume of data sent.

2. Description of the Service

The Service is intended for Users wishing to
store digital content of any kind on
DSTORAGE servers.
DSTORAGE offers a storage service that can
be used to communicate the content to the
public and is therefore a hosting provider
within the meaning of the applicable
legislation. DSTORAGE also allows its Users to
store content in a private area. DSTORAGE is
as such a simple storage service provider.
Any storage of content on DSTORAGE’s
servers generates a hypertext link that the
User is free to communicate (with or without
restrictions to access) to the public or to
persons of his choice.
Any content communicated to the public in
violation of the rights of third parties may be
withdrawn under the conditions provided by
DSTORAGE and accessible at the address
corresponding to the quality of a hosting
provider within the meaning of Article 14 of
Directive 2000/31 of 8 June 2000 and Article
6-I-2 of the LCEN of 21 June 2004 and the
relevant liability regimes.

3. Registration to the Service

Registration to the Service allows subscription
to paid offers and access to a wider range of
features. Registration is optional and is not
essential for the use of the basic functions of
the Service.
To register for the Service, the User must
enter an identifier (a valid email address) and
a password of his choice with a high degree of
Additional security features are made
available to the User on his management
panel accessible at the address
https://1fichier.com/console/ after

4. Procedure for accepting an offer
and payment

The offers proposed by DSTORAGE are
described with their various options from the
page “Prices” accessible at the address
Free Offer (Freemium)
The free offer is offered by DSTORAGE in
Freemium. In concrete terms, this means that
the User can use and test a voluntarily
degraded service for free, including through
advertisements, and decide, if necessary, to
subscribe to a paid offer.
The User can access the free offer as “guest”
or as “registered”. Each of these access
options has its own characteristics.
To access the services as a “guest”, the User
do not need to identify himself. He just has to
select the files he wants to store and transfer
them to the servers of DSTORAGE via the
1fichier.com website. Once this step has been
completed, the User will be given a unique
and secure hypertext link to access the
content and another hypertext link allowing
him to remove it from the DSTORAGE servers.
The User accepts that the use of the services
as a “guest” implies the retention by
DSTORAGE of access metadata on DSTORAGE
servers in accordance with the legal
provisions, as well as the display of
advertising offers.
To access the services as a “registered”, the
User must only register and identify himself
using a valid email address and password. He
then accesses his personalized area and can
then administer his contents according to the
possibilities provided by the Site as described
in paragraph 1 of this “Description of the
The User agrees, in addition to the data kept
as a “guest”, that DSTORAGE keeps his email
(as an identifier) and his password encrypted.
Paid Offers
The User may choose to subscribe to one of
the proposed paid offers (Premium, Access,
CDN, Cold Storage) in order to access
additional features and services described in
the “Pay Services” tab of the panel.
The User then selects the offer of his choice
and is sent back to the payment page,
summarizing the order, and then chooses the
payment method according to those
The user must then, to finalize his order,
validate the page with mention “ORDER WITH
Once the payment is made, the order is final.
The User will receive a payment receipt by email containing the indications mentioned
during the process of validation of the order.
a) Premium Offer
The Premium offer includes undegraded
access to storage services, including all the
features available on it as well as all the best
network interconnections available to
DSTORAGE. The offer includes by default an
unlimited amount of Hot Storage, 2TB of Cold
Storage, 100GB per month of CDN credits.
Additional Cold Storage capabilities can be
ordered through the account management
interface. Any unpaid can lead to irremediable
data loss.
b) Access offer
The Access offer includes non-degraded
access to storage services, including some
features made available to this offer and
detailed on the site. The offer includes by
default a space of 1TB of temporary storage
as defined on the site.
c) CDN Offer
The CDN Offer is mainly dedicated to
professional uses, and allows, among other
things, to delegate the distribution of content
to DSTORAGE. Billing is done at the volume of
data sent. DSTORAGE calculates near-byte
usage. Access Statistics and User Account
credits available on its interface.
Any claim relating to the use of CDN credits
must be made within a maximum of 3
calendar months. Beyond this, DStorage will
no longer have information about their use (in
accordance with its privacy policy) and the
use cannot be disputed.

5. The User

5.1 Required information
Our services are available to any individual
over the age of 18 and in full legal capacity.
The User certifies that the information he
provides are true, accurate, up-to-date and
The User agrees to update them to ensure
that this information remains true, accurate
and complete. If any of the information
provided is false, inaccurate, out of date or
incomplete, we reserve the right to suspend
or terminate the User’s account and cancel
this Agreement without your potential harm
being repaired.
5.2 Protection of personal data
The User is solely responsible for maintaining
the confidentiality of his identifiers, and is
held responsible for any activity taking place
on his account.
The User must immediately contact us if he
notices any activity indicating that his account
is used in an unauthorized manner, or that his
data are used without his permission.
DSTORAGE, controller, implements an
automated processing of personal data whose
purpose is the management of its website and
the proper delivery of the Service.
The data collected is necessary for this
treatment and is intended for the services
provided by DSTORAGE and, where
appropriate, by its subcontractors and service
providers. Anyone using the services provided
by DSTORAGE may consult its privacy policy
informing about the use that is made of your
personal data (https://1fichier.com/cgu.html).

6. User’s Data – Legal dispositions

The User is solely responsible for the data he
stores on our servers.
The User controls his data by the download
and removal links generated and through the
management console provided for this
The management of download and removal
links are the sole responsibility of the User.
In addition, to ensure complete control of its
data, we make available to the user many
features for restricting and controlling any
access granted.
However, for maximum security, we
recommend, to encrypt the data before
sending them on our servers.
The User recognizes the status of Hosting
service within the meaning of Article 6-I-2 of
Law No. 2004575 of 21 June 2004, as assessed
by the decision of the Constitutional Council
of 10 June 2004, the European transposition
of the Directive “e-commerce”. DSTORAGE
cannot be held responsible for the contents
stored by the User, whatever they are under
the conditions set out in his withdrawal policy
You agree not to use our services for:
a. upload, send, transmit any content that
conveys hate messages or references to
torture or death.
b. to harm minors in any way, including
through any form of child pornography.
c. upload, post, transmit any content violating
any patent, trademark, trade secret, literary
and artistic property rights or any other
proprietary right belonging to a third party.
d. send unsolicited advertising e-mails
e. anonymize activities that are illegal,
fraudulent or infringe intellectual property
rights of a third party; harmful, threatening,
illegal or defamatory content;
f. knowingly or by recklessness or negligence,
allow others to use our services: (i) for any
purpose that is unlawful, invasive, prejudicial,
defamatory or fraudulent; (ii) to alter, steal,
corrupt, disable, destroy, illegally enter or
otherwise violate the security or encryption of
a computer file, database or network; (iii) to
interfere materially with the use of our
network by other authorized customers or
users; (iv) in violation of these terms of use of
the DSTORAGE infrastructure providers,
provided that you are aware of such policies
and that such policies are publicly available on
the infrastructure providers websites; or (v) in
a manner that is inconsistent with the
generally acceptable principles of Internet
g. attempt to gain access to any account or
computer resource that does not belong to
you, without the owner’s permission (e.g.,
h. interfere in the use or enjoyment of our
network or any other service by other
authorized customers or users. This includes
overuse that deteriorates fair use by other
users and customers of DSTORAGE;
i. import any “parallel import” copy of
protected copies for the purpose of selling,
renting, distributing or otherwise enjoying or
receiving reward;
j. import or own any “parallel import” copies
of protected copies such as films, music,
music or sound recordings for playing or
presenting to the public, including, but not
limited to, karaoke parlors, restaurants or
shops, etc.
We reserve the right to suspend or terminate
any account that violates these rules, without
prior notice, in accordance with Directive
2000/31 / EC of June 8, 2000 and the Law in
Trust in the Digital Economy of June 21, 2004
appreciated by the decision of the
Constitutional Council of June 10, 2004 and
the withdrawal policy put in place by
DSTORAGE in application of its obligations as
a host.
In addition, according to the legal provisions
in force, if the User breaks these rules, we will
actively assist and cooperate with law
enforcement and governmental authorities by
gathering and communicating information
about the User, the content, and on people
who may have accessed, acquired or used
these contents.

7. Legal withdrawal period

The User who accepts the TOS as a consumer
(that is to say, natural persons who act for
purposes that are not part of their
commercial, industrial or liberal industrial
activity) within the meaning of the case law
French and European has a right of
withdrawal of 14 days in accordance with
Article L. 121-20-12 of the Code of
However, the Customer agrees that the issue
and execution of the Service during the 14
days period no longer allows the exercise of
the right of withdrawal in accordance with
Article L. 121-20-12, II, 2° of the Code of the

8. Delay / Failure to pay

For any payment default, the User account
will be immediately downgraded to a “free”
account, with its own characteristics. Excess
stored data may be deleted according to the
characteristics of the service (30 days after
the last access).
In all cases, DSTORAGE will endeavor to notify
the Customer by e-mail of the status of the
Client account.

9. Intellectual Property

All content present or made available through
the Site, such as text, graphics, logos, buttons,
images, music tracks, digital downloads,
compilations of data, software and any
element of Site, is the property of DSTORAGE,
and is protected by French and international
law of intellectual property, copyright and the
protection of databases.

10. Hijacking

The User must not in any way divert the
proposed offers as well as the resources made
available, including, but not limited to,
– by sharing his account (access from only 1
internet access – IP address – at a time),
– via the use of any professional server, having
an abnormal consumption of data in relation
to a customary use,
– via immoderate and uncontrolled use of
connected objects …
We reserve the right to suspend or terminate
any account that violates these rules without
prior notice.

11. Liability

a) The issue of the Service
The User acknowledges that in view of the
highly technical nature of the Service,
DSTORAGE is subject to a general obligation
of means.
It is reminded that the Internet is a network
composed of operator’s interconnection, of
which DSTORAGE is only a link. DSTORAGE
does not guarantee any quality of service
outside its own network. DSTORAGE strictly
complies with its obligations, in particular the
art L224-30 of the Consumer Code and
ensures that no point in its network is
saturated, provides detailed information
about its network and testing tools network
directly available on his site at
By express agreement, in case of questioning
the responsibility of DSTORAGE, which (s) is /
are the nature and / or the basis of the action:
– only direct damages are likely to give rise to
compensation and provided that the Client
establishes a direct causal link between the
alleged damage and the proof of a breach of
the contractual obligations of DSTORAGE;
– all indirect, consequential or incidental
damages suffered by the Customer, in
particular in the event of interruption of the
operation of the Site, loss or alteration of data
and / or files and / or programs, operating
loss, commercial loss, loss of any clientele,
commercial disturbance, loss of image,
suffered by the Customer, its users and / or by
a third party, will not be entitled to
compensation for the benefit of the
Customer, even if DSTORAGE has been
notified of the occurrence such damage;
b) As to the data stored by the User
By express agreement, the User is fully
responsible for the data stored on the servers
of DSTORAGE with regard to third parties.
In this regard, the User agrees that DSTORAGE
can remove the contents of users in
application of its removal policy at the
The User declares to be aware that the
removal procedure put in place by DSTORAGE
respects the imperatives of balance between
the interests in question (individual liberties
and subjective rights of third parties)
advocated by Directive 2000/31/EC. However,
in the event that a French court or another
State invalidates this procedure, You agree to
defend, compensate and exonerate
DSTORAGE, its affiliates and their respective
suppliers, officers, directors, employees and
agents against all claims, application, legal
action, recovery, loss, damages, fine,
penalties, including, but not limited to,
reasonable, alleged or resulting costs of the
use of the service or your violation of the
rights of third parties or the violation of

12. Amendment of the Agreement or our
Services – Force Majeure

We reserve the right to modify the TOS at any
time without prior notice.
In addition, in case of Force Majeure, we
reserve the right to modify or discontinue the
Service, temporarily or permanently, without
prior notice.
You acknowledge that we can not be held
liable against you or against third parties for
any modification, suspension or interruption
of the Service.
In order to protect the integrity of the
services, you acknowledge our right to
establish conditions and limitations to the use
of the Service, including the maximum disk
space that will be allocated to you on our
servers, and the maximum number of times
(and the maximum duration) that you will be
able to access the Service within a given
period of time.
Our prices are set freely and can be changed
without notice.
Limitations may be reviewed based on market
changes imposed to DSTORAGE.
The User will be informed of any modification
by a message communicated from the Site
and will have a period of 15 days to express
his will not to accept the new Terms. After
this period, the User will be deemed to have
accepted the new Terms that will be
opposable thereafter.

13. Termination

Subscriptions are subscribed for a fixed term.
You are free to extend your subscription
period at your convenience.
You acknowledge that any termination of
your access to the Service for non-compliance
with your obligations as provided for in these
Terms may occur without prior notice.
You acknowledge and agree that We are
entitled, under this Agreement and any
applicable law, to disable or remove your
account or any content at any time and with
immediate effect.
You acknowledge the right to DSTORAGE, for
reasons of security and integrity of its
information systems, to lock and then delete
any account without activity for more than 6
You further acknowledge that We can not be
held liable against you or any third party for
such termination.

14. General Provisions

14.1. Divisibility
The invalidity of any of the clauses hereof, in
particular pursuant to a law, a regulation or
following a decision of a competent
Jurisdiction having the force of res judicata,
shall not result in the nullity of the other
clauses. hereof which will retain their full
effect and scope.
In this case, the parties shall as far as possible
replace the canceled provision with a valid
provision corresponding to the intent and
purpose of the Contract Terms.
14.2. Title
The headings of the Articles of Contract are
for the sole purpose of facilitating references
and do not in themselves have a contractual
value or special meaning.
14.3. Communications
For any email exchange of information, the
date and time of the DSTORAGE server will be
binding between the Parties.
This information will be kept by DSTORAGE in
accordance with the legal provisions in force.
All notifications, communications, formal
notices provided for by the General
Conditions will be deemed to have been
validly delivered if they are sent by registered
letter with acknowledgment of receipt to:
• For DSTORAGE: 9 Grands Pres, 88240 La
Chapelle Aux Bois
• For the Customer: to the postal address
and / or e-mail that he has provided to

15. Evidence Agreement

The User agrees that the files, data, messages,
computerized registers and login data,
recorded in the computer systems of
DSTORAGE, are admitted as modes of proof
within the framework of the Contract

16. Attribution of jurisdiction

In the event of a dispute with a customer who
is not considered a consumer within the
meaning of the Consumer Code, express
jurisdiction is attributed to the Commercial
Court of Epinal (France), notwithstanding the
plurality of defendants or the warranty claim,
including for urgency, interim measures or on
In the event of a dispute with a customer
considered as a consumer within the meaning
of the Consumer Code, express jurisdiction is
attributed to the Tribunal d’Instance d’Epinal.
The Client is informed that he also has the
possibility of appealing to a mediator in case
of dispute. All information to introduce such a
mediation can be consulted on the dedicated
state platform accessible at the following

17. Applicable law

The present contract is regulated by French
law. It is thus for the substantive rules as for
the rules of form, excluding the conflict rules